Custom Block Walls

Block walls have a variety of uses, especially when it comes to landscaping. Not only can they prevent soil erosion and make your backyard a lot more functional, they can also be an interesting aesthetic element on your property.

Along with our numerous home improvement services. El Pueblo Woodworking also creates sturdy and dependable block walls for Albuquerque homeowners. Block walls offer a number of benefits, especially when designed and created with quality in mind.

Why Should I Install a Block Wall in My Back Yard?gate block Custom Block Walls

There are many good reasons to build a block wall on your property, including:

  • Better Management of Water Runoff – Block walls help control the flow of water on your property. Water can be diverted to a runoff area, which prevents it from affecting your lawn and other backyard fixtures.
  • Increased Functionality of Your Backyard – Is your backyard made up of many hills and valleys? If so, it can be tough to use the space as you see fit. Block walls can be used for leveling purposes, which makes a yard more functional.
  • Enhanced Landscape Look – Hardscaping breaks up the lush look of your backyard. The contrast between green natural elements and block walls makes for a more diverse space.

Are There Different Types of Block Walls?

Block walls are available in many different designs, including:

  • Sheet Piling
  • Gravity
  • Cantilever
  • Buttress
  • Anchored

Each design serves a specific purpose and offers its own unique benefits. We can help you decide which option is best for your property

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