Custom Cabinetry

Don’t underestimate the power of your home’s cabinets. While having ample storage space is a must, cabinets can also have an impact on how your home looks.

El Pueblo Woodworking can help you design gorgeous cabinets for your Albuquerque home that offer the very best of both form and function. We’re happy to walk you through the design process step by step so you’re ultimately pleased with the finished product.

How to Tell It’s Time to Update Your Cabinetscabinets Custom Cabinetry

Plumbing leaks cause water damage to cabinets, which in turn causes warping and other issues. Water damage can also result in mold growth, which is not only unsightly but can also degrade indoor air quality. Damage to cabinets can also occur for other reasons, such as nicks and dents due to daily wear and tear.

The layout of your cabinets may also be problematic. Is it easy to retrieve items from your cabinets? Are they as accessible as they could be? If not, an update might be in order. Your cabinets might also have an outdated look, which will diminish the appeal of your home.

Things to Consider When Updating Your Cabinetry

Once you determine that you need new cabinets, the next step is to consider design and materials. In terms of design, cabinets can be traditional, contemporary, or even feature intricate ornamentation. The current style of your home should be taken into account when designing your cabinets.

Materials are another consideration. Cabinets can be made from many different types of wood, including maple, cherry, ash, and oak. Some types of wood are more resistant to scratching and dents, while others offer ample appeal in terms of aesthetics. It simply depends on your specific wants and needs when updating your home.

Custom Cabinets Are Just a Call Away

El Pueblo Woodworking is here to help you make important decisions about home renovation. Our fine woodworking team will lead you through the decision process from start to finish.

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