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Fencing serves many purposes at your home. Along with ensuring privacy and security, fences can also add some much-needed aesthetic appeal to property. This is especially true when they’re constructed with quality in mind.

El Pueblo Woodworking approaches every job we do with an emphasis on quality. Along with constructing gates and building decks, we can also build and install a quality fence on your property.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Fence on Your Property

While we can help you come up with the right fence design for your property, there are a few things you should consider before getting started:

  • The Main Purpose of Your Fence – Some fences are strictly functional. For instance, you may only be concerned about keeping pets safe within your yard. Others are erected to ensure privacy. In this case, a taller fence would be necessary to prevent prying eyes from looking in.
  • Materials to Be Used – Fencing can be made from a variety of materials. Wood fencing looks great and is also ideal when privacy is a consideration. Aluminum fencing is very cost effective as well as secure. Steel fencing is reasonably priced, but it can also be painted to mimic the look of wrought iron.
  • Where Your Property Line Ends – You must be careful not to erect fencing on your neighbor’s property or you could be faced with costly litigation. You may also be required to take down fencing and relocated it to a different area, which will only add to costs.
  • How Many Entrances You Prefer – Fences should have at least two access points, although you’re welcomed to add more if needed. If you’re concerned about security, use gates with sturdy locking mechanisms at all access points.

We Can Answer Your Fence Questions

If you have a unique vision for fencing on your property, El Pueblo Woodworking is happy to hear it. We go above and beyond to incorporate homeowner ideas into their renovation projects. We’ll also work with you to develop any ideas you have.

Call (505) 221-5321 today to speak with a designer about your home renovation project.

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