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wood gates Our Wooden Gates
A wooden gate can make a bold statement about your home, especially when it’s meticulously crafted from quality materials and features a gorgeous design.

In Albuquerque, El Pueblo Woodworking provides custom wooden gate design to local homeowners, along with many other home services. Our woodworking team can make design suggestions based on the style of your home or take your unique vision and bring it to life. Whatever option you ultimately choose, you’re bound to be impressed by the finished product.

Gate Styles

You might be surprised by the wide array of gate styles currently available for the construction of wood gates. Privacy gates are a simple yet effective style that features a higher profile and tightly locked wood boards. Lattice gates incorporate the wood board design and combine it will an attractive lattice-style top, which allows a bit more visibility.

You also have quite a few options when it comes to top shapes. Gate tops can be flat or arched, or they can also feature a wavy, scalloped design, which creates a more unique look on your property. While it’s suggested that gate tops should match the look of your fencing, we will also help you create a unique shape so that it stands out from other exterior features.

Other Options to Choose From

Because we believe in providing our customers with the best customizable wood gates, you can also choose from the following features:

  • Single vs. Double-Door
  • Framing
  • Split Rail
  • Number of Panels
  • Type of Wood
  • And Many Others

From a practical perspective, our skilled construction team will ensure your new gate fits perfectly within the existing dimensions.

Contact El Pueblo Woodworking online or call (505) 221-5321 today. We’re happy to assist you on your next home improvement project.

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