How To Maintain Your Wood Gate

Having a wood gate installed on your property offers numerous benefits. Along with enhancing curb appeal, a new fence can also keep your home safe and secure.

While wood is quite durable, it can fall victim to sun exposure, water damage, and other issues. Here are a few important maintenance steps you can take to keep your gate in excellent condition.

Inspect Wood Structures Once per Month

In the event of damage, timely repairs can prevent the issue from getting worse. In this case, a quick monthly inspection can help you get the jump on any problems. Look for loose hardware, flaking, and other defects. Upon noticing issues, be sure to schedule repairs right away.

Clean Regularly

Removing dirt and grime will extend the life of your gate. In this case, use a wood cleaner or mix mild dish soap and water to scrub the gate. You can also use a pressure washer but be mindful of the pressure settings to avoid damage.  Along with the gate itself, be sure to remove any errant weeds around the structure. Weeds can deposit moisture onto gates, which will accelerate wear.

Reapply Paints and Stains

Paints and stains boost the visual appeal, but they also offer substance protection. Paints and stains seal the wood and prevent moisture from penetrating the surface, which wards off wood rot and warping. In general, it’s recommended that you reapply stain every two to three years, while paint should be reapplied every one to three years.

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