Shade Structures Albuquerque

shade structure Shade Structures Albuquerque
While the weather in Albuquerque is quite temperate and enjoyable all year long, the sun can be brutal at times. The harsh sun may limit your enjoyment when outside of your home, particularly when you’re lacking the proper protection.

El Pueblo Woodworking specializes in fine woodworking, which includes the creation of outdoor shade structures. Our shade structures can be simple or elaborate in terms of style, but most importantly, they’ll provide a comfortable respite from the sun while spending time in your backyard.

Types of Wood Shade Structures for Your Outdoors

While shade structures primarily serve a functional purpose, you’re not limited in terms of style. In fact, there are many different types of shade structures to choose from:

  • Pergola – Pergolas are constructed using four wood beams, over which a canopy of some kind is affixed. While it blocks you and your guests from the sun, the open design allows for sufficient air flow.
  • Gazebo – Gazebos are usually free-standing structures with hexagonal or octagonal shapes. Thanks to the solid roof, gazebos also offer protection from rain. They can be elaborately designed with lattice work and other features depending on your taste.
  • Pavilion – Pavilions are larger structures with solid roofs that offer comprehensive protection from the elements. Unlike gazebos, pavilions are often rectangular or square in shape. They can also be attached to existing structures or erected as a free-standing element in your yard.

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How We Make Your Shade Structures Last

Shade structures must also be properly protected from the New Mexico sun. Failure to do so can lead to bleaching, as well as water intrusion, which causes warping and mold growth.

We anticipate these issues and prevent them by properly sealing and staining your outdoor wood pieces.

Staining your shade structures offers UV protection from the sun’s rays, while sealing keeps moisture from penetrating wood. We also believe in quality construction and design on every component of your shade structures, so you can rest assured they’ll stand the test of time.

Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Home

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