Albuquerque Quality Stucco

Homes in New Mexico often have a unique look. Many homes are styled to match the desert landscape, which is why stucco is a such a popular choice for siding within the Southwest.

When having stucco installed, quality is an important concern. El Pueblo Woodworking emphasizes quality in all that we do, from our fine woodworking capabilities to installing fencing on your property. We’re also quite adept at stucco installation, which offers an unbelievable number of benefits to homeowners.

What Is Stucco?

While most people are familiar with stucco, many are unaware of how it’s actually made. Stucco usually consists of cement, sand, lime, and water. Plastic fibers may also be included in the mix, which increases its strength. Once this mixture is combined, it can be applied to the sides of the home.

Stucco can also be used inside the home. In this case, waterproofing elements wouldn’t be necessary when finishing stucco. Exterior stucco typically entails four layers, although some systems only require two or even one layer. Finishing coats are applied after installation to add a tint or splash of color to the property.

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What Benefits Does Stucco Offer?

When it comes to exterior siding, stucco offers a wide variety of benefits:

  • Enhanced Insulation – When temperatures soar in Albuquerque, stucco keeps homes nice and cool. In fact, enhanced insulation is one of the primary reasons why stucco is so popular in this part of the country.
  • Durability – Inclement weather and other risks are no match for stucco. Rain, wind, hail, fire, insects, and mold growth are all kept at bay by this amazing material.
  • Unique Look – Stucco is comfortably in place with Southwestern style sensibilities. It’s texture also offers visual appeal that can’t be matched by vinyl siding.
  • Long-Lasting Color – The method of adding color to stucco means it lasts much longer than traditional paint jobs. This cuts down on how frequently you need to repaint your home.

We’re Happy to Answer Your Questions

El Pueblo Woodworking takes the time to answer our customers’ questions so you can make the best possible choices for home renovation.

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