Albuquerque Sunroom Construction

Sunrooms make a great addition to Albuquerque homes. They allow you to bask in the glow of the gorgeous weather all year long, and right from the comfort and convenience of your home.

El Pueblo Woodworking is known for its impressive construction abilities, which also extends to the design and construction of sunrooms. When working on your home project, the first step is to sit down with a designer and discuss the finer details, including the many different options at your disposal.

Gable Sunrooms

Characterized by a two-panel roof that slopes down in opposite directions, gable sunrooms are very common. They’re great for water drainage since the steep pitch of the roof makes it easy for water to flow to the ground after a storm. They’re also quite visually appealing thanks to their traditional look.

Studio Sunrooms

With a slightly simpler design, studio sunrooms feature a single panel sloped roof. While still effective for water drainage, studio sunrooms tend to be a bit smaller overall. That makes them a great choice for smaller homes, which can be overwhelmed by larger designs.

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Three-Season Sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms are not usually insulated. While this might not be much of an issue in New Mexico, on some colder days it may not be feasible to spend time in the sunroom. If you only plan on using the space during the warmer months, three-season could be a good option.

Four-Season Sunrooms

If you’d like to your sunroom all year long without worry, then a four-season room is perfect for you. These sunrooms are insulated, which means they’ll remain temperate and comfortable not matter the weather outside. They’re often constructed from insulated glass, which allows the sun in but keeps any cold air out.

We’re Here to Help With Sunroom Design

Not sure which type of room is right for you? Our design team at El Pueblo Woodworking is here to help you make the best selection, whether it comes to materials, style, or insulation.

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